We can change the world. The Tree Credits Foundation wants to change the paradigm in the development aid, climate funds, fair trade sectors – and beyond.

The Tree Credits solution: Use trees to cool the earth and feed people.
Impact: Pay two billion small farmers to grow two trillion trees by 2050 to reverse climate change and rural poverty, while reducing the difficulties with migration and refugees.

It’s a familiar story. Existing governmental approaches fail to deliver and reach the poorest. Land-use changes should be done with respect for the uniqueness of each local situation, but such bottom-up methods are so labor and skill intensive that government, UN, INGOs and companies, are unable to handle this – without corruption.

This changes everything. We’re building a much more efficient and reliable online, parallel, peer to peer ecosystem, as a decentralized network, using mapping, blockchain and gamification technologies.

Our strategy: To start a service platform for existing private entrepreneurs – in a range of separate ventures. Using technologies such as: mapping services, smart contracts, land surveys, smart land register, smart registration and smart certification, we can change the paradigm. New technologies are changing how development aid happens, but these ventures need funding – we fund and support these ventures using TreeCoin.

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