10 value propositions of TreeCoins (TREEZ)

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  1. Rooting: for each TreeCoin issued we will register and monitor one tree. TreeCredits Foundation has developed various mechanisms to support the care for these 100Mn trees (and to help the poor, same time) for a period upto 10 years.

  2. Our own ESI platform allows free of costs microtransactions, like monthly pay for eco-volunteers (tree credits). ESI = Ecosystem Services Income.

  3. Larger transactions are possible but not free and will be well controlled to avoid the use by criminals and terrorists

  4. ESI is a clone of the Nxt platform, using a highly efficient, secure and well tested technology, with user friendly interfaces. Offering many possibilities of democratic governance and financing.

  5. TreeCoin and ESI will be further developed to allow even better functionalities and scalability in cooperation with Ardor and IOTA.

  6. TreeCoin will be leading (play a role in linking and exchanging) the SWARM of Local and Sectoral Currencies, that will be created at the ESI platform.

  7. Similarly TreeCoin will play a central role to link up in various blockchain applications and currencies, which will be part of Tech Toolboxes for development organisations

  8. There will be a Fund and software to stabilize the (fiat) value of TreeCoin and to prevent pump and dump practices. TreeCoin will be an Impact Tool for Good, not a speculation object.

  9. TreeCoin will be guided along to rize over time to a level, so that we will be able to support the 100M registered trees, even without help of outside Impact Financers

  10. TreeCoin will play a central role in a global parallel economy, including fair e-trade, ecodesign, ecotourism, e-governance, e-banking, local currencies, eco-UBI, eco-crowdfunding etc.