Tree Credits aims to:

  • tackle poverty and climate change as a single issue
  • deploy our new, more efficient aid delivery system using internet and activists
  • empower women and youth
  • bridge the north/west and poor divides
  • double the planet’s tree cover
  • pay the rural poor for climate services
  • pay a fixed amount per month

Tree Credits proudly presents the crypto-currency – TreeCoin!

People are awakening to the realization that money is an invention that works only because a community stands behind it, willing to use it in exchange for goods and services. Most currencies are creatures of national governments that manage and back them. But what if a poorer community created its own currency to foster social and economic exchange? That’s what happened in several informal settlements, or slums in Kenya.
If communities could control their own means of exchange, they could make it work for their own purposes. They could lower their dependency on Kenyan shilling by using the local Pesa when possible, thus creating a buffer for the community that helps sustain life even during the worst economic periods.

We at Tree Credits Foundation are working to make a worldwide basic income for eco activists possible. We aim to fight poverty and climate change as one combined issue. We created (and continue to improve) an online registration and monitoring system to make it easy for impact investors to invest securely.

Unique Selling Point – Treecoin is a crypto-currency with a difference!
Most currencies value (fiat or crypto-currencies) as we have just mentioned, depend on people’s willingness to use them in commerce. Other than their use, they are worth nothing. For example, regular fiat money itself is just paper. Treecoins are different, they are worth the benefits of about 9 square meters and a tree. Treecoins do not give it’s owner rights to particular trees or land, rather the coin is bought and used because in addition to it’s exchange value, it provides the benefits of having trees and the economic, environmental, and cultural benefits that derive from the activities supporting tree planting and tree care.

TreeCoins are “rooted” to trees. For each TreeCoin, one recently planted tree will be registered. This data collection will be done with our registration app, by individuals, and by our partner tree planting organizations. The ultimate number of TreeCoins issued will be limited to the number of trees planted.

Like other crypto coins, TreeCoin’s value will increase due to its use as an exchange currency. We created a competitive advantage by combining our tree registration database, monitoring, and blockchain technology to root the coin. This advantage means that TreeCoins obtain extra components of growth – TreeCoins reliably grow in value, as the trees, their ecosystem, and the knowledge base they are managed with, develops and matures.

Why “rooting”?

  • The rooting process links the coins to locations, which are restored and registered and gives intrinsic value to the coins and 10 years of upkeep of the location – this helps stabilize the value of TreeCoin.
  • The rooting process and monitoring system are linked to it, thus it represents high value to donors and impact investors.
  • The rooting process has value when applying for VER and other emission compensation schemes.
  • The rooting process is community based and enhances the local environment while strengthening local empowerment.