In early 2014, under the name, Good Goal Group, we made a 3 1/2 minute animated video, outlining our basic approach – alleviating poverty while improving the environment. The animation was made in anticipation of, but before we introduced, blockchain technology. Continuing our declared strategy, we consider coin offerings to be a form of crowd-funding.


There are good reasons to use these coins. This 23 minute video introduces the concept of auxiliary currencies to stabilize national fiat currencies. If the idea of diverse economies and auxiliary currencies interest you, there are more “Suggested Links” from Dr. Lietaer shown at the end of the video.


An introduction to Nxt crypto-currency. This is a short 3 minute video comparing and contrasting Nxt with Bitcoin. If you need to familiarize yourself with Nxt, be sure to check out the “Suggested Links” at the end of the video.

Finally, here’s a 9 minute video on some of the more technical advantages of Nxt, for more advanced users. There is a lot of useful material from the extensive Nxt community. There are videos tutorials introducing various aspects of Nxt on YouTube, as well as Nxt forums for detailed learning and help.