TreeCoins are offered by Tree Credits Foundation, a non-profit organization, established in Den Haag, The Netherlands, in 2015. Business ID number KvK: 63720167.

What is TreeCoin?
TreeCoin (TREEZ) will be a exchangeable currency with many innovations (including voting rights), created on the new ESI ledger, which in turn is a clone of the Nxt ledger. Low transactions costs also make the ESI ledger suitable for IoT (Internet of Things).

TreeCoin is a way to finance tree growing projects around the world. As an investor, TreeCoin is beneficial because it provides a reliable funding channel to the development projects invested in, a return based on the use and exchange of the currency purchased, and a growing return based on registered trees with their associated environmental and social impact.


TreeCoins Are Tax Deductible Investments
​Invest in our development projects by buying TreeCoins (tax deductible). Check with local and national laws as they apply as they may be different for your location. The presale price is 10 TreeCoins for every Euro donated – 10 euro cents per coin, in 2017 to early 2018. Limit: we are establishing a ceiling of 2000 euro per investor.

With your donation we will develop software to be able:

  • to plant 2 trillion trees, to restore most degraded lands earth, which will result in a up to 38% reduction of greenhouse gases emissions.
  • to reward eco workers doing this, starting at our trial projects in Kenya and India, and work towards getting two billion rural poor out of poverty.
  • to set up tree monitoring systems to attract impact investors to finance projects.

The investment in any of our tree based crypto-currencies is targeted to, in the early rounds, to green investors that want to direct their funds to green projects with effective and verifiable results but, are new to crypto-currency and blockchain technologies. The pre-sale donation offering will also use regular bank transfers, but future coin offerings will usually be arranged within the Nxt/ESI commercial ecosystem.

We work with Nxt, a crypto-currency that has an active development group and a sophisticated user interface. Using Nxt as a basis currency provides many advantages to our investors:

  • Nxt provides a robust and healthy crypto-currency
  • The Nxt interface is easy to use and buyers can begin quickly
  • Nxt has an active commercial ecosystem that provides many useful opportunities to its users
  • These cryptocoins can be exchanged for other coins such as Bitcoins, or cash (fiat money)
  • Nxt transactions are public and transparent – important for our foundation’s legitimacy


Beyond using Nxt as a basis crypto-currency, we have created a platform for generating local and auxiliary currencies, devised a basic income method based on decentralized blockchain and smart contract technology, and developed a tree registration program that runs on a smartphone and is an invaluable data resource for managing forests and agroforestry projects.  TreeCoins, unlike other currencies, provides many returns to the investor, eco-activists, and the environment.

Getting Started
In the early stages, we are accepting donations through our bank account: IBAN: N13TRIO0254661955, as well as using Nxt cryptocurrency. These may be purchased via the Nxt wallet/client. TREEZ (TreeCoin) can be obtained with Nxt through the ESI wallet/client. The link to the ESI platform for the sale is

The post, Latest News provides news on the most recent events.