Tree Credits Foundation (TCF): The ESI Platform – a basic income for tree planters and eco activists.
The ESI platform and currencies have been designed as a toolkit in the fight against rural poverty and climate change. The ultimate goal of TCF is to plant “2 trillion trees” by 2050. Our method is to empower up to 2 billion small farmers worldwide; to assist them and reward farmers, tribes and eco-volunteers for their ecosystem services.

The online platform, which we are building, will be efficient and scalable and will have the potential to disrupt the existing (and failing) development and aid sectors. The platform uses a decentralized blockchain distribution model, with smart contract management, that renders old ways of delivering payments and development aid, obsolete. This basic income platform will also allow us to strengthen ties with the newly emerging impact investors, transition, and climate finance sectors.

ESI client (wallet) for can be reached at:

ESI stands for Ecosystem Services Income, a version of basic income for eco-workers, reflecting on our goals: to address global nature loss and inequality, and facilitate the necessary transition. There are two main components: a payment system for creating a basic income, and the use of an auxiliary currency such as TreeCoin or TREEZ.

ESI is a new platform, a clone of the Nxt blockchain ledger. This vital innovation enables TREEZ, to have nearly cost free (micro-) transactions and low cost and safe storage of (registration) data on a crypto notary.

ESI makes owning your own currency – Easy. Low or no transaction costs – sign up bonus for Green groups or organizations. Thus, our planting partners and other groups and organizations will benefit from this basic income platform.

“Rooting”: each coin is associated with a registered location and/ or tree. TreeCoin is an altcoin with a difference: each coin is rooted into the Earth.

For each TreeCoin, one recently planted tree and/or a plot 3x3m restored land will be registered. This data collection will be done with our TC apps and bots (GPS + photo of location), by individuals and by our partner tree planting organizations. The registered locations will be monitored and will be supported for at least 10 years.

The benefits of the rooting system for poor countries will be twofold:
1. Each coin will reward the tree/land caretaker for 10 year for maintenance, by issuing 0.10 TreeCoin/year, or more as the project evolves.
2. The rooting system, the registration and monitoring of trees and land, will be tailor made to give green/impact investors the security needed to invest in land restoration.





Blockchain and The Digital Revolution
TREEZ will be a listed cryptocurrency for general use, run on the energy efficient Nxt/ESI blockchain platform.

The internet is the communication platform while blockchain is the organizational tool, once blockchain is considered to be the final piece of the puzzle towards a truly digital era. Blockchain brings accountability and reliability to online projects.

Changing the paradigm: The Future Will Be Distributed
Beyond databases, our modern societies are characterized by mega-corporations and states having centralized control and influence over our daily lives. By virtue of their scale and ability to leverage power, these very same corporations and authorities have been tasked to act in the best interests of our environment – with unfortunately predictable results. Blockchains are showing immense potential for distributing power out on the edges of the network — and this is something that can be replicated in our societies.


How can blockchain help the unbanked?
Here are three key ways blockchain may improve access to the unbanked.

  1. Easier access to mainstream financial system

Banks require an enormous amount of documentation to process loans for their customers. With blockchain, there is almost no chance of fraud. This makes it easier for customers to become part of the system while maintaining a high-security level – a winning result for both parties.

  1. Easier and more affordable remittances

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies create a medium for easier bank transactions by phone. Having a bank account is no longer needed to send or receive payments from anywhere in the world.

  1. Access to more reliable financial products and better protection

Blockchain and smart contracts function reliably, provide security, and are ideal for fraud prevention.

The transparent and the immutable nature of blockchains are critical features. Information in the blockchain is stored in a large publicly distributed ledger where the details are visible to everyone in the system. Transparency is baked-in.

In terms of reliability, legacy enterprise system platforms require too much human intervention in order to function properly – this incurs a great deal of cost. In blockchain technology, the logic of the smart contracts execute automatically, across a distributed set of computers, while maintaining reliability by enforcing a set algorithmic standards.

The effects of this new technology will be felt across industries. With the lowered cost of operation and maintenance, insurance companies can provide customers better services and policies. As a vehicle for loan disbursements, blockchain provides better assurance to the lenders by making sure that every contract they are signing is genuine to avoid any fraudulent activity.