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We will post information relevant to the sale and purchase of TreeCoins here. We will update this post as more information becomes available.

Pre-Offering of TreeCoins
​Invest in our development projects by getting TreeCoins (tax deductible), KvK: 63720167, IBAN: N13TRIO0254661955. In The Netherlands, the first 1000 euros are tax deductible. Check with local and national laws as they apply as they may be different for your location. The pre-sale price is 10 TreeCoins for every Euro donated – 10 euro cents per coin, in 2017 to early 2018, before the ICO (initial coin offering). Limit: we are establishing a ceiling of 5000 euro per investor (pre-offering only).

Generally, TreeCoins are purchased with Nxt. If you do not have Nxt, you need to get the Nxt app (program) to run on your computer. Once you have Nxt working, you can purchase TreeCoins.

Starting during the Pre-offering, we are accepting regular (non-TreeCoin) donations through our bank account: IBAN: N13TRIO0254661955. These donations are important because, in addition to planting trees; software, technology, and protocols applying these enabling technologies, need to be developed.

The link to the ESI platform for the sale is at Open an ESI account so that the TreeCoins (TREEZ) may be transferred to that account.

Please see “10 Rules for a Fair ICO.” It outlines the approach we intend on using.

Special offer until May 2018: 10 TREEZ for 1 Euro

TreeCoins is an impact bond where (social and climate) impact investors can contribute to get the TreeCredits online ecosystem up and running (see mission statement), with great prospect for returns in the future; not only returns in social and environmental impact and giving meaning to one’s own live and that of others, but also great financial return are likely.
This is a limited time offer: Our Treecoins supply is limited and its value will rise steadily.