The Tree Credits Foundation, in conjunction with an independent programmer, has developed two systems to spearhead our group objectives. First we developed a tree registration application that runs on a smartphone. Then, in order to use the advantages of blockchain, we devised the ESI currency platform as a means for a basic income for tree planters and eco activists. Check the “Our Technologies” submenu for a more detailed description of those projects.

At Tree Credits, we spend our time in planning, management, and technical and software development. We have an available network of programmers, from all over the globe, to meet our software needs. Funding Tree Credits allows us the ability to make software that makes a paradigmatic difference in the world. We intend to further develop technology products that can be used to speed aid development and improve environmental monitoring.

Open Data

The term open data refers to non personally-identifiable information in machine-readable form which are made free for the public and economy to use and reuse. We are working towards earning this Open Data Inside Badge (or other similar standard) that distinguishes all those who use open data for their applications or services, i.e sole proprietors, companies, private and state organizations, associations, NGOs/NPOs, institutions and academic institutions as well as bloggers, data-driven journalists, programmers and many more by emphasizing the economic added value of open data.


Open Source

Open Source originally grew out of the Free Software movement, which laid out the groundwork and developed methods for collaboration around a common pool of information and resources.
Through sharing information and digital resources openly, there is great potential to make gains in innovation, distribution, reputation and marketing, collaboration and increase of efficiency and effectiveness.