Ferdinand Swart
As a young design student in the 1970’s, he was already interested in how design could help fight the depletion of the Earth as well as global poverty. In 1972 Ferdinand takes his inspiration from reading: Limits to growth from the Club of Rome, and Small is Beautiful by E.F. Schumacher.
He ended up in SriLanka as a volunteer and for his Masters thesis he researched the production of child food from leaves. He soon got a job there, in the community development sector to help village start-ups and got involved in the planning of both the first government self help housing scheme and also in the setup of one of the first microfinance schemes.
In 1990 he started a workshop making wooden toys, which grew big and is still exporting. In 2008 he started to research how to have real impact, best on a global scale, Tree Credits Foundation was the result.

Charles Johnson
A founding member of Tree Credits Foundation. American – likes to think big. Satisfying a multitude of functions, Charles consults in web technology, ideation/concept development, visual design, and technology/science direction. He specializes in technology and intellectual property, international business formation, and computer commerce consultation. His media are: diagrams, websites, newsletters, presentations, and animations.
He has been developing this concept, with Ferdinand Swart since 2010, in the quest to plant two trillion trees. He was Ferdinand’s first follower. He has presented our project material to a number of schools and business development groups. At TCF, Charles determines scientific and technical direction.
In February of 2014, he wrote an organization strategy paper recommending the creation of the Tree Credits organization, and the use of crypto-currencies.
He has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, and a
 Juris Doctors in Law.

Angel Imaz
Angel is our lead programmer and developer. He programmed the Tree Registration app and is the lead developer in our ESI platform. Besides being an expert level programmer, he is an active environmentalist and permaculture practitioner. He lives with wife and children at La Palma, Spain.