The two defining challenges of our century are climate change and poverty. And if we fail on one, we will fail on the other. Lord Nicholas Stern, 2009

Trees are one of the best ways of removing carbon from the atmosphere. TreeCoins are our way of incorporating blockchain technology to fund and manage tree growing projects, all over the world.

The Tree Solution: Planting trees on degraded lands have the potential to cool the earth and to feed the people.

Our target is to restore most of the pre-human tree cover on Earth. A target deemed to be feasible, if we go for it! and it will be enough to have a decisive impact on global warming. To have the desired Impact: to repair climate change and  reverse rural poverty and emigration.

Land Restoration Sector

Other than with healthcare and schooling, which can be organized top-down, land-use change have to be done together with the local people, bottom-up, because each location is different.

Working with trees and landscapes means working with the 20 year timespans of the projects. This long time frame is on a different timescale compared to many financial tech trading horizons. Although timescales in agroforestry are long, new technology is increasing the pace of awareness and organization.

TreeCredits’ mission statement:

We will not rest before anyone on this planet, even at the most remote places, who is or want to become an eco-activist or tree farmer, can go online, download our TC app, upload his project details and then receive a monthly income, proportionally to her/his impact.

We will not rest before there is an online platform in place, staffed by volunteers (helped by AI), to monitor and support them.

If we can’t find enough impact investors to underwrite this scheme, we will pay in our own cryptocurrency and so stimulate the emergence of an online and local parallel economy, where e-money can be used as a social safety net and as a way to multiply impact.

Why should the Tree Credits Foundation, as a recognized charity, create its own currency? And what are the possibilities?

To answer these questions, first we should look at the potential function of crypto currencies and what the blockchain revolution is all about. The internet has brought a revolution in communication, and now blockchain will bring accountability to online organizations and transactions and make novel structures viable.

6 fields of blockchain applications will be relevant to us, as well as for the upcoming global transition:

  1. Crypto currencies enhance financial resilience (e.g. a major fiat currency crash) by providing diversity; by creating an alternative currency ecosystem.

  2. To reward eco and social activists with support and a basic income.

  3. To empower coin users and coin issuers and to create local currencies for cash poor areas.

  4. To enable nearly free global transactions (payments and smart contracts) online and reaching the unbanked.

  5. To allow management by the crowd using gamification, scores and ratings, various crypto tokens, AI, apps and bots.

  6. To facilitate monitoring, supply chain certification and rating of produce, products and services.

TreeCoins, TREEZ, is the first of a swarm of cryptocurrencies, where one coin will be needed for each niche, when volunteer work and ecosystem services should be stimulated.